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Size: Large

Type: Greenhouse complementary equipment

Cover Material: Other

Model Number: JP-708

Place of Origin:  Jiangsu, China

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Size: Large
Type: Greenhouse complementary equipment
Cover Material: Other
Model Number: JP-708
Place of Origin:  Jiangsu, China
Brand Name:  Ningdi
Name: Intelligent Temperature Control Hydroponic Lettuce Seeds
Covering: Tempered Glass/Inflatable Glass

Main frame: hot galvanized steel
Color: Transparent
Features: Stable Structure Easily Assembled
Span: 8m,9.6m, 10.8m,12m
Side ventilation: roll up ventilaion
Top ventilation: rack and pinoin system
Cooling system: water curtain fan cooling system
Shading system: Inside and outside ventilation

PE film greenhouse Cover material:
PE film (anti-UV, anti-drip), three years guarantee

PE film greenhouse Frame material:
Hot dip galvanized steel: 15-20 years life service, anti-rust, anti-corrosion and good appearance

  • Excellent energy-saving effect
  • Low initial investment, Low operating costs in winter
  • Great anti-drip effect
  • Good effect on heat preservation and ventilation
  • UV resistant
  • Beautiful and generous appearance, economical and practical
  • Large ventilation area, great natural ventilation effect

Frame Structure:hot dipped galvanized steel with 15 years of service life
Cover Material:  double inflatable PE film, anti-dripping, anti-uv, heat preservation

Inflatable plastic film multi-span commercial greenhouse

Frame structure Hot-dip galvanized steel pipe
Cover material Double inflatable anti-uv PE film
Type Dome, Top sawtooth, Single sawtooth
Span 8m,9m,9.6m,10.8m,12m
Bay 4m,8m,12m
Column Height 4m,5m,6m,7m
Wind load 0.35KN/m2
Snow load 0.35KN/m2
Plants hanging load 0.15KN/m2
Rainfall 140mm3/h

What is shade cloth and do I need it on my greenhouse?
A: If your greenhouse locates in a humid area, misting or fogging may not be enough to cool your greenhouse in those hot, humid summer months. When all else fails you can create your own shade by putting the shade cloth on your greenhouse. Shade cloth is usually made of loosely woven or knitted polyester or even aluminum foil. Densities or degrees of shade from appx. 5% to 95% are available for different plant needs.Shade cloth can be installed exterior (on top of) the greenhouse with extra frame structure, or interior the greenhouse by hanging to the greenhouse pillars. Exterior shading is more expensive to build than that of interior, but exterior shading has better shading effect (cooling effect) than the interior shading.

I have no any experience of building greenhouse before, how can I install the greenhouse that I buy form Ningdi  ?
A: The greenhouse we design are easy & quick to be installed with simple tools: hammer, drill,

cutters, wrenches and etc.

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